Beneficiaries & Testimonials

Transcending the constraints of his disability, he has showcased his talent at many dance festivals and television shows, proving that one does not need fully functioning limbs to be a dancer.
Years ago, diagnosed with Polio, Promod was left paralysed from waist down. His passion for performing arts stayed strong as he regularly took up gigs as a DJ in his locality.
In an impromptu call for a dance competition at one of the events, Promod ended up dancing to his rhythm and thrilling the onlookers. That’s when he realised his true calling. Followed by hours of practising and imitating Youtubers, he made his debut as a dancer on the professional stage. In 2017, Promod got his first wheelchair after he approached Wheels for Life, giving his passion for dance, a completely new dimension.
He can now travel to different parts of the city sans assistance and plans on introducing dance classes for underprivileged and paraplegic kids, as a choreographer. The world is indeed his oyster!