Disabled vs Differently-abled

Why I prefer using the word Persons with Disabilities over differently-abled?

  1. Why award us for being ‘differently-abled’? Do you not have unique abilities? I know a friend who can touch the tip of his nose with his tongue.
  2. The different terms you use to call us hasn’t changed our reality. Sadly, I didn’t grow wings when you called me divyaang.
  3. Don’t be blasphemous. I am not divine as I love my wine!
  4. I don’t have special needs. I never asked to be given an SPG Cover.
  5. I don’t necessarily have to be gifted with any abilities. I am still exploring like every other regular person!
  6. At Parent Teacher Meetings, I was always compared with my brother, and guess what! I was the asshole.
  7. Aren’t we all differently abled? Sharma ji’s son always scored more marks in Mathematics while you were good at sports.
  8. Stop trying to be politically correct all the time. You can call me disabled!
  9. No, I never scored more marks because of my disability. I topped the CBSE Board Examination in 2005 and my grader did not know I was disabled.
  10. In a world of quirkiness, there is no normal. Stop trying to fit my disability in your definition of ‘normal’ by calling me differently-abled.
  11. I already know everyone is different. Tell me something new?
  12. By calling me differently abled, you blame me for my disability. Don’t you think it’s much more than that? My disability is a result of social, cultural and political structures that impose barriers on my independent living.
  13. I call myself disabled because I reject the idea that it is wrong to have my body.
  14. I’d rather be atypical because ‘typical’ is boring!
  15. If you are reading this, I am sure you are old enough to know that God did not specially create me.
  16. I am not as unfortunate as you think I am. Google me, I am famous.
  17. Even if I had any special needs, the society thinks it is not worth spending on me.
  18. My abilities are diverse, don’t know if I can call them ‘special’.

Nipun Malhotra,


Wheels For Life