Do you need a wheelchair?

Terms and Conditions:

(Please read the following carefully and click on the agree button below, for your application to be processed.)

  • The beneficiary and caregiver agree to present medical papers as required for selection and screening purposes. All medical documents will be kept confidential.
  • The beneficiary/ direct caregiver agree to pick up, sign receipts for the wheelchair received, and to be photographed with the wheelchair. Photography copyright belongs to “Wheels for Life" and will be used for documentation purposes of this programme.
  • Upon selection “Wheels for Life" will provide a new wheelchair to the beneficiary in perfect working condition. Any repairs and customization thereafter is the responsibility of the beneficiary.
  • In the unlikely event that a wheelchair malfunctions in any way, and/or leads to an injury, the beneficiary agrees that "Wheels for Life - NIPMAN Foundation" is not liable in any way.
  • In the rare occasion that a donor requests to meet with the beneficiary, the beneficiary will be notified and the meeting will take place on mutual terms.